Origin Capital is a fully owned subsidiary of LeBruin, a leading Irish corporate finance firm. Founded in 2008, LeBruin specialises in raising money for clients both locally and internationally.

LeBruin has raised over €13 billion on behalf of clients, and has funded several high profile projects including the refinancing of Jervis Street Shopping Centre and The Montrose Hotel.

In 2015, LeBruin utilised its significant market expertise to launch Origin Capital, a new provider of senior debt commercial property finance in the Irish market.

What types of business activity do we engage in?

Origin Capital funds senior debt transactions in excess of €3m. In order to focus on providing the best offering within this sector, we do not currently provide funding for development transactions.

Our clients are professional property investors who are seeking attractive investment funding options and the ability to work closely with decision makers who have strong market knowledge and a commitment to providing exceptional service.

Investment Parameters

Origin Capital typically considers projects within the following investment parameters:

  • Senior debt funding for Commercial Real Estate transactions in excess of €3m
  • 2-7 year term
  • Lending to companies only, no personal recourse lending
  • Commercial and residential investment sectors
  • Opening LTV of up to 80%
  • All Cities